November 8, 2016

NanoWriMo: Week 1 Update

     One week of Nanowrimo has officially passed, and somehow I'm still alive. So far, things are going pretty well and I like my story for the most part. Here is a rundown of how each day went!

Tuesday, November 1: Day One
 Final Word Count: 2132 words
The goal of course, is always to get ahead and stay there. In the beginning, it is easiest to do so. I find it hard to make time for writing during the week with school, but I am determined. I was happy to get ahead this much.

Wednesday November 2: Day Two

Final Word Count: 3,450

I didn't write 1, 667 word today, so it is good Igot ahead yesterday. I have a huge research paper due tomorrow for my English class, so that unfortunately was my main focus today.
I still met the word goal of 3,334 for today!

Thursday November 3: Day Three
Final Word Count: 5,026

It is 5k day and I made it! 5,000 may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but it is still a lot to me. I'm still ahead, technically.

Friday November 4: Day Four
Final Word Count: 6,103

I planned on writing a lot more today, it is Friday anyways. But I did not. I have a busy weekend but hopefully I can make it up soon.

Saturday November 5: Day Five

Final Word Count: 8,000

Slowly catching back up. I wrote more today than I thought I would be able to. I was gone all day for a school event. Then, after that I was at a close friends birthday party until about 7:30. I was happy to get this many word in!

Sunday November 6: Day Six
Final Word Count: 11,075

I have no clue how this happened. I was gone from about 2 pm until 10 pm today for another birthday party (Crazy, I know right) and a Walking Dead watch party. I wrote a really awesome scene today that i am proud of.

Monday November 7: Day Seven
Final Word Count: 11,435

I know, I know. I am disappointed to. Mondays are just bad though, Hopefully I will get caught up tomorrow as i have no school because it is Election Day.
(Spoiler alert from Day 8; I am caught up!)

Overall, I am very happy with the first week of NanoWriMo. Let me know how yours is going! I'll be back with a Week 2 update soon.