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Review: We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach

We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach 
Genre: YA Contemporary 
Pages: 384 
Source: Purchased

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Before the asteroid we let ourselves be defined by labels:The athlete, the outcast, the slacker, the overachiever. But then we all looked up and everything changed. They said it would be here in two months. That gave us two months to leave our labels behind. Two months to become something bigger than what we'd been, something that would last even after the end. Two months to really live.

      This book surprised me! It is probably one of my top books of the year. The urge to read it came out of nowhere after taking one look at the gorgeous cover. The writing is absolutely fantastic! I was expecting a completely different (not so good) outcome from this book. I was completely wrong.

The Cliques 

      This book is divided into ten parts, and each part has a chapter from our four main characters: Peter, Eliza, Andy, and Anita. Each character could not be anymore different. Peter, the athlete with the perfect girlfriend, Eliza, the outcast with a secret. Anita, the good girl who wants to escape. The slacker, Andy who goes with the flow.

     Each character goes though a major change of heart through out the book, especially after finding out a huge meteor named Ardor is heading for Earth. The estimated collision would be in two months, and there was only a 33.3% chance of Ardor missing the huge planet in its path.

     Peter has the perfect life, with the perfect girl, Stacey. But that's exactly what he does not want. He wants to be something more than the pretty jock and the over demanding girlfriend.

     Eliza had a reputation of kissing the popular girls boyfriend and so on. She was known as the slut of the whole school. But she is more than that really, she has stuff going on at home (no spoilers here), and she is a really great photographer with and even better BLOG! That's right, how can we ignore that. With the huge death ball plummeting towards Earth her blog, Apocalypse Now skyrockets into popularity,

     Anita is a straight A student with a overbearing father. She lives by his words and rules. But with the scheduling of the end of the world she wants to live a little for once aka be a human. She really wants to be free (and sing her lungs out).

     Andy is more of a side kick kind of guy, the best friend. He doesn't try at much, except music. His bff Bobo was the worst. Andy basically knew the wrong people, did some drugs, fell in love. and played awesome music.

         Stop what you're doing!

     The best part of this book is how all the characters stories are entwined together which makes you think a lot. The whole book makes you think. It made me realize how little I have actually done and how easy everything could just end, but in an enjoyable way.

     We all looked up kept my eyes glues to the page start to end. The major arch's through the story were incredible. Everyone seriously read this!

XO, Mal. 

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