Review Policy

*  I did not create the review style I currently use. I use a similar review system that Tika @ Fangirl Confessions and Blessie at Mischievous Reads to keep my reviews organized and less lengthy. I claim no credit. 

All books reviewed on this blog have either been purchased or obtained from the author or publisher In exchange for an honest review. I will accept no monetary compensation for any review book.

What I read

I read a variety of books ranging from Young Adult and New Adult. I read contemporary, fantasy, dystopian, fiction, graphic novels, and some children's books.

  1. I have the option to decline ANY book  
  2. If the book you want me to review is part of a series or trilogy I will request the first book(s) as well. 
  3. I reserve the right to post the reviews from my blog on other websites including goodreads, Amazon, and Books A Million. The author or publisher will be notified before I post it on a different site that is not listed. 

I ask that the author respects the amount of time I need to read and review the book. I typically need 1-2 weeks to review a book depending on the size of the book and amount of other books I have to review. Doing this will allow my review to be as honest as possible. If something happens preventing me from reading and reviewing the book sooner I will notify the author through email or goodreads.

Format of the review book 

I prefer physical copies, however, I will except ePub files considering I own an eReader. 

If you would like me to review your book contact me at or on goodreads. Other ways to contact me are listed in the sidebar. Please allow me two days to respond to an email and three days to reply on goodreads. Thanks you so much for considering me to review your book!

Requested information: 

Your name and email which will allow me to contact you as soon as my review is finished or if there is any inconvenience. 
A synopsis (links accepted) so I will know what it's about. If you do not provide me with one I will proceed to use goodreads. 
If it applies: the release date and time frame for the review. 


                   Mallory <3