March 6, 2015

Review: What Lies Between by Charlena Miller

 What Lies Between by Charlena Miller  
Genre: Adult Fiction, Contemporary
Format: Kindle Edition (370 pgs)
Source: ARC galley via author
      Set in modern-day Scotland and laced with adventure, romance, and hope, What Lies Between reminds us that love and belonging are often discovered in the most unexpected places. Trust has never come easily to Ellie Jameson. A broken past taught her that self-reliance is the only option—no one sticks around for the long haul. When a fateful letter arrives with news of an unexpected inheritance, she sees a silver lining in the tragedy that seems to follow her. Anxious to leave American city life for the rugged Scottish Highlands, she sets off to claim her fate in a whirlwind of determination. Captivated by the land of stunning lochs, fiery whisky, and a particularly charming Highland local, it seems things may finally be turning around . . .But nothing could have prepared Ellie for what awaits at the Glenbroch estate, where she soon discovers very little is as it seems. The rugged, romantic Highlands harbor old secrets and vengeful enemies, entangling her in a web of lies and betrayal. As the line between ally and enemy blurs, Ellie is in danger of forfeiting her inheritance—as well as her heart.



     First off, I'd like to thank Charlena for sending me this book because I quite enjoyed it! It started off slow and very very descriptive. I started to think I wouldn't like it, but I did. Since this book is so descriptive I felt like I was watching a movie or I was actually in Scotland myself. I loved the mysterious vibes and the overall story.

     Ellie Jameson receives a letter that her biological father had passed away and left her to inherit his estate and land in none other than Scotland. Her father who also neverrrrr seemed to acknowledge her as even his daughter. She decides to leave her life in America to start over.

     Her arrival doesn't go as planned that's for sure. The manor is beautiful, her quarters are as big as a normal house alone! Though she does make friends and gets to explore the gorgeous landscape some people DO NOT like the idea of a women running the estate, especially not an American! Of course, what person would want the valuable land in her hands? Ellie is the only one who can keep the land in her family's name where it should stay.

     I've never been to a different country, but this book painted such vivid pictures I felt like I had been there! The writing was incredible. Boy do I want to visit Scotland now!

     I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves traveling or wants to, and most people overall. Although the beginning did seem to drag, it really picked up. I decided to rate it 4/5 because of that. This book is also full of lots of surprises and mysteries.