August 1, 2014

August TBR!

     I cant believe August is here already! Back-to-school season is here and that means summer is coming to an end. The start of a new month also means a new pile of books that I want to read. August has some very worthy books, so lets get started!

#1 Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins ( Anna and the French Kiss #3)

     Let's face it! This is on everyone's TBR. This is the third book in the series. Stephanie Perkins novels are the perfect mourning period read. I recommend you start the series ASAP! This book will hit shelves August 14th.

#2 Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout ( Lux series #5)

      I am reading the fourth book in this series and boy am I loving it! This series is fast-paced and the characters are swoon worthy! Its never to late to begin especially with the new fancy covers! This book will be available August 5th.

#3 Magnolia by Kristie Cook

      In Magnolia Branch, Mississippi the Cafferty and Marsden families are the kings and queens of the south. They have been neighbors since The Civil War and they share many memories. The two families want to connect the families by marriage. When a boy and a girl are born around the same time, it's the perfect chance. Jemma and Ryder don't want to give into their families wishes. They are only seventeen and they hate each other! When a storm destroys the town their true feeling come out. Get it on August 5th.

#4 A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall

       Everyone and their brother believe that Gabe and Lea belong together even a squirrel! Told from a whopping fourteen POV's the story of Gabe and Lea can't be boring. Will they realize they belong together? Find out on August 26th.

#5 Fiendish by Brenna Yovanoff

     Clementine has been locked in a cellar for 10 years. With the help of Fisher - her releaser- she sets out to uncover who locked her inside. Releases August 14th.

#6 Ghost House by Alexandra Adorenetto

     Chloe Kennedy sees ghosts after her mothers death. While living at her grandmother's estate she meets Alexander who is 157 years dead. He has dangerous secrets. The bond between them awakens the spirits of Isobel, Alexander's past love. Chloe has to use her developing abilities to stop Isobel, even if losing Alex is the only way. Releases August 26th!